Asics Running Shoe WeightWiseYES!!! 100 times YES!! The benefits of walking are endless. Number one: IT’S FREE!!!  You can walk any where, any time, and any place. I have had patients tell me they will walk laps around their house or even through out their house. That is great!! Whatever gets you up and going. I think for the most part we have a horrible perception of exercise. You do not have to be running to lose weight, you don’t have to have a gym membership,  and you don’t even have to have cool workout clothes just go in what you have on. One thing I will say that is important is shoes. Shoes are an investment. I mean this the nicest way possible but really don’t get the less expensive  exercise shoes. Having good quality shoes can help with leg pain, back pain, you won’t get blisters, you’ll actually feel better while walking. There are several stores that can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying exercise. The Red Coyote is one of my favorite stores. There is also New Balance and the OK Runner.

Some things that may help keep you motivated is either have a time or distance in mind. Make a goal before you leave. Sometimes I just go around the block and if I feel good enough I’ll do another lap. It is alright to start with small goals and build up. If you notice you are getting bored with your walking path, then switch it up. I ran around the Nicholas hills area the other day just to have  different scenery. I like looking at the houses down in that area. Try getting a friend to go with you. My friend Bonnie and I always use that time to catch up and it really helps the time go by quicker. I have some people tell me that pedometers really help keep them motivated because they try to get more steps every day. Exercise has to fun so don’t get stuck in your same routine. Change it up but remember walking is exercise and you can do it anywhere!

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