Winter is finally here. During December, January and February it is very cold and with the cold weather comes lack of motivation for exercise. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t exercise during the winter. Yes it’s cold, but if you work out it will help warm you up! If you are going to be exercising in cold weather there are a few helpful tips I would like to give you:

  1. Layer It Up – The best clothing to wear is the dri-fit clothing. Dri-fit clothing helps to wick away sweat off of your body. It is also very light clothing. When you dress in layers make sure you can easily take some thing off as soon as you start sweating and you are able to put it back on later. So start with a light dri-fit shirt followed with a fleece jacket & then top it off with a light water proof jacket.
  2. Hats & Gloves – When you are exercising in cold weather your body warms the core first. You’ll notice that your ears, fingers & feet will get the coldest. Be sure to wear gloves and a stocking cap. If your looking to keep your feet warm make sure your running shoes are a half size or a full size bigger so that you can where thicker socks.
  3. Scarves – If you have a hard time breathing in cold air then you may want to invest in a scarf or a face mask so that your air is warmer.
  4. Don’t Forget Water – Just because you may not feel like you are sweating does not mean you shouldn’t drink water. Keep hydrated people.


Other exercise options are:

  • Mall walking
  • Exercise DVD’s
  • WII fit
  • Join a fitness center

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