Metabolic syndrome is a term that is used to refer to the various health factors that increase the risk of a person developing metabolic conditions. These conditions can include stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and more. We think it’s important to discuss metabolic syndrome and bariatric surgery.

Metabolic syndrome generally presents itself with a variety of different symptoms. These can include fatigue, an inability to focus, browning of skin folds around the armpits and neck, high blood pressure, central obesity, and non-fatty liver disease.

When at least three of these symptoms are present, a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome can be made. If a person has been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, they have a significantly increased risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.


Here’s why metabolic syndrome and bariatric surgery are our focus here: Obesity is the main cause of it.

Obesity and the associated health issues that come with it are dangerous (high blood sugar levels, obstructive sleep apnea, artery disease, insulin resistance, additional problems with coronary arteries, etc.) Oftentimes, losing weight in the traditional ways simply doesn’t work well and modest weight loss isn’t usually sustainable.

Bariatric surgery, however, is one of the more effective ways to tackle obesity, metabolic syndrome, and obesity-related death.

When combined with lifestyle changes, dietary interventions, and increased physical activity, bariatric surgery can help patients lose a large amount of weight and keep it off for the long term. Losing weight can help improve metabolic syndrome and help stave off other problems, such as type 2 diabetes.

How do you know if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery? This surgery is usually considered for morbidly obese patients that have health conditions associated with their excess weight.

Our experienced doctors at WeightWise will also closely examine your medical history to determine if surgery is a safe option for you. Being overweight and obesity problems can affect quality of life. We will go over the different types of bariatric surgery (gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, roux-en-t gastric bypass). This will help us decide which one is best for your specific situation.

Have you recently been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome? Trying to determine if weight loss surgery is right for you? Contact our team today. We look forward to helping you on your path toward a healthier, fuller life.

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