New Years Resolution's

Welcome to 2012!! I love starting a new year! It just feels refreshing! I have sat around with several friends this weekend and we all talked about our new years resolutions. One said she was going carb free for a whole year, another said she was going to run a half marathon, others said they wanted to manage their financials better. Whatever your resolution is it should be for you . No one has the power to change but yourself.

If you made the commitment to start working out and get healthier and in better shape then start slow.

You may even just keep your resolutions to yourself. Sometimes when we voice our goals we can have negative feedback from the people we love. It may not even be meant to be rude but sometimes it can be discouraging. So write them down and make a commitment to yourself.  If you make a commitment to yourself your more likely to keep it!

If you goal is fitness related don’t forget that it takes time to get back into shape. Unfortunately we don’t wake up and are just natural-born fat burners. The weight took time to put on and will take time to come off. A lot of the time we just expect the weight to come off easily but if it was easy everyone would be successful at it! Remember why you made this resolution and repeat it to yourself weekly!

Something I think that helps is keeping a log of your food and activity. I like to think I get plenty of exercise but when I looked back at this past weekend I didn’t do any exercise. I took Claire to the dog park, but I simply stood and talked with the other dog owners, so that does not count as activity. So try writing it down.

If you need accountability tell your weightwise staff. We are great with helping people stay accountable or just simply reminding you of your goals. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and reach all of your goals!

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