Now that you are working on finding a doable exercise routine for your new lifestyle, you may find that your flexibility isn’t quite up to par. If you’re struggling to loosen your joints and limbs, you can start integrating these foods into your diet to help.


Water provides necessary hydration to your body. Enough hydration helps your muscles stretch, which will increase flexibility significantly. Foods, while containining water, should never replace water as a hydration source.


Omega 3s, which are an essential fatty acid, is an important part of a healthy diet. Oily fish and avocados are the two most common foods that have high levels of omega 3s. If your diet is rich in this, you will likely see an improvement in heart health, lower blood pressure, and reduced joint pain and improved range of motion in the connective tissue.


Strong bodies integrate the right amount of protein. This is important to avoiding injury, preventing muscle loss during the aging process, and keeping your mind sharp. Protein also provides the body with amino acids, needed for muscle growth and improved immune systems.


Ginger stimulates the circulatory system and reduces inflammation in tendons and ligaments, which can help with increased flexibility. You can buy fresh ginger and add it to your favorite recipes and smoothies or drink ginger tea.

Regular exercise, such as yoga practice, and a healthy diet that includes incorporating these tasty foods into your diet will allow you to lose weight, which also helps with flexibility. Weight loss means you’ll have less fat around your limbs and joints that slow down movement. Not to mention, you’ll have more energy to be more active and flexible.

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