Time is a valuable resource. Quite possibly the most valuable resource. You can’t make more of it and there never seems to be enough. Especially this time of year— school events, football, holidays are all time-suckers. When you think about your schedule, what is the first thing you dump when life gets too busy? The second? The third? 

shopping-cartThe most common health related tasks that get dumped (at least according to what I hear from patients) are exercise, mealplanning/grocery shopping, and food tracking. I’m not sure exactly why these are the things that fall by the wayside…perhaps because you don’t feel the negative effects right away? You don’t get an immediate reward or punishment from not grocery shopping because there is always a restaurant to satisfy that hunger. But is that the most healthy way to live?

In my professional opinion, no, it isn’t the most healthy way to live. Finding balance in your life so exercise and quality meals become necessary not optional is ideal. However, I understand that some things cannot be avoided. Learning how to combat the time crunches, however, will serve you well. 

That’s why I want to introduce you to some options for online grocery shopping and even delivery services! I expect some high fives when you don’t have to combat the craziness of the grocery store before Thanksgiving. 😉

 Online Grocery Shopping services

  • Homeland Grocery Stores.  Homeland offers online shopping and pick-up services 7-days per week. The foods on their website are listed by category (i.e. dairy, produce, breakfast, etc) or navigated by a search bar making it easy to find the food items needed. They allow comments on each food item so your personal shopper will select the ripeness of the produce you want or expiration date of milk. The convenience of having all your groceries boxed and ready for you at the door is worth the small $5 fee. 
  • Uptown Grocery Co. Uptown market offers online shopping, pick-up, and home delivery (within select areas) services. Their website organizes food items by category or search bar as well so finding your desired items is never a hassle. Pickup and delivery services are available Monday-Friday for a small $10 personal shopping/delivery fee. Minimum purchase for delivery is $100. 
  • Click Shop GroceryClick Shop Grocery is a complete delivery service for personal and home needs. They have an online database with a huge selection of products. They accept orders and deliver 7-days per week from 8am-8pm. For order placed before midnight the day prior a $2.99 delivery charge is applied. Same day delivery is charged $10 per order. No minimum purchase is required for delivery; however, delivery is free for orders over $100. 

These are only a few of the services available in our wonderful state. What are some of the services you know and love? ~Lauren

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