Our monthly Patient Spotlight features someone who feels led to share their journey. These stories are meant to motivate and inspire. But also to make you realize that someone else has been in your position before. Whether you are just starting out on a weight loss journey or you are a decade into one, it helps to know that someone has been in similar shoes before. 

Our Patient Spotlight this month is Kelly. Kelly has been coming to WeightWise for 18 months and has lost over 120 pounds! But better than that, she is the first to tell you that the quality of life she has gained is amazing. 

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your story and being an inspiration for so many people starting their journey. 




In 2013, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both knees and it was recommended that I get a total knee arthroplasty. I weighed 265 pounds. He also followed that recommendation, by telling me that he would not do the surgery without my BMI deceasing. He was rude and very unprofessional. however, the incident, resonated what was already deep within me. My struggle with weight was real, and had started early puberty. I had lost, and gained many times. The emotional pain of being overweight and the physical pain of the osteoarthritis left me feeling powerless and sad. Along with that, I had my Cardiologist become very concerned with my health as well. I had developed high blood pressure and I was having early signs of kidney damage from over usage of NSAIDS. I had a list of medical issues that blocked my attempts to lose weight. Finally, after months of leaving work, going home and taking pain medication and not being able to function much outside my home…the isolation, and depression, lead me to research weight loss surgery, and WeightWise. 


I had a 6 month waiting period with my insurance. During that time, I started the real work and dedication of what it takes to succeed in this program. I started the recommended eating modifications. I believe due to being very strict in my eating and following instructions from the team at WeightWise I reached my weight loss goal at 9 months post op.  I honestly don’t remember ever being as little as I am now.

FB_IMG_1445394031901I went hiking for the first time since childhood a couple months ago. I have never been comfortable going hiking because of the physical demands. I was able to handle crawling, jumping from rock to rock and walking.  I had an emotional moment that day with my boyfriend because during that little hike, I finally realized that my quality of life was restored back and will be forever grateful to God for giving me the strength through this process.

I plan my meals, vitamins and fluid intake.  If I don’t, I normally don’t get all of them in for the day which normally makes me tired.  I make myself eat 3 meals a day because if I get busy I still tend to forget to eat which later leads to overeating or eating too fast. I view food differently now, I no longer live life to eat, but now I eat to survive and stay healthy.

I started at a different clinic about a year before but could never get anyone to call me back even after going to their seminar. I had found out later that this clinic had very little successful patients because there is no follow up or accountability. From the beginning WeightWise was the complete opposite. I attended the seminar and saw firsthand the staff being supportive. Even in the support group was based on real life stuff. I also liked the fact that the doctor chooses to let us do the surgery. It’s based on if we reach a pre-surgery weight goals and then if they think we can handle the surgery.

The surgery isn’t a quick fix, but is a tool.  I still have cravings and still have stress eating which makes me have to focus on real emotional issues and how I want to use  food to cope. But though the process I have gained so much insight about myself. I have to stay focused on the healthy foods that will give me continued quality of life. I surrender to the fact  that I am a food addict. That I have to use the tools that this program taught me, as well as other teachings, to keep me focused so that I can have a long, happy life.  

If you would like to be featured on our Patient Spotlight series, please contact lauren.a@weightwise.com for information. 

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