Last night I went and tried a new yoga studio in Edmond. I have been doing yoga for 4 years now. I absolutely love it.  I always have so much energy  after a class and I feel like the stress of my life just goes away. I have recently taken a break to concentrate more on my running  but I’ve noticed how stiff and different I have been feeling. So I knew it was time to get back on the mat. I usually have to drive about 20- 30 minutes into OKC for yoga. I don’t mind doing it because I love yoga, but it is nice to have a local place. So Saturday I randomly came across this place. I looked it up online and your first class was free, so why not right! 🙂

Lauren A. and I went together after work on Tuesday. You Power Yoga has recently just opened about a month ago. Denise is the owner and she was the instructor for our class. We went to an all levels class. I really liked that her website said:

“All Levels Yoga – 1 hour
If you’re new to yoga, come with confidence because flexibility and strength are built, not required. If you’re an experienced yogi, come and be challenged. Modifications and intensification let you match your practice to your mood. Curvy Friendly. Room heated to 85 degrees.” (

Curvy Friendly really caught my attention. I know yoga alone can be intimidating  but to add a class full of size 4 girls in the mix can be very intimidating.  And, just for the record, I have never taken a class with only size 4 girls, there are all different shapes and sizes in all my classes. Denise reassured us anyone can practice yoga safely and get something out of it no matter what size or level they are.

I ran into Lauren A. this morning and we both said we could tell a difference today in  our moods, we slept better, feel less stiff today and we both look forward to taking another class from there! I really encourage you all to look around your local area and see what different types of fitness classes are available. Yoga may not be for everyone, but how will you ever know unless you try it! 🙂

You can find You Power Yoga on facebook or




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