Weight gain can be hard to handle during pregnancy. Especially if you having been working for years to lose excess weight. In most cases, weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy. But not everyone will experience it in the same way. 


How is weight gain distributed during pregnancy?

The increase in your weight is not solely from the baby. In fact less than half of total weight increases during pregnancy is the baby. Many things contribute: 

  • Placenta and amniotic fluid
  • Fluid volume increases
  • Blood volume increases
  • Subcutaneous body fat increases
  • Baby

How much weight gain is recommended?

Recommendations during pregnancy are based on pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI). 

  • BMI <18.5——28-40 pounds
  • BMI 18.5-25—-25-35 pounds
  • BMI >25——–15-25 pounds 

When should weight gain happen?

Most weight gain will occur in the last half of your pregnancy. The first trimester weight can fluctuate. Some women even lose weight during the first trimester if nausea and vomiting are prevalent. On average a weight gain of 1-4 pounds is typical. 


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