Are sweets creeping back into your daily routine?  Is it getting harder to resist those starchy foods? Do you find yourself eating throughout the day instead of set mealtimes? You are not alone! It is common to have some of these old behaviors from your previous lifestyle try to sneak back in. But there is something you can do about it!!


First, be honest with yourself about what habits are slipping back in and what you want to change. Then, write down some things that will keep you motivated to nip those habits in the bud! 

Here at WeightWise, we have a plan to help you get back on track and get you back into a fat burning zone. It’s called the Reboot Diet. The 2 week Reboot Diet plan is designed to help rid your body of those cravings and jump start your weight loss again.  Reference this Reboot Diet Plan to help get you started. 

If you are considering following this plan for 2 weeks, please call your dietitian for more detailed information and a follow up visit to advance your diet. 

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