Have you ever felt out of place or overwhelmed in a grocery store? There are so many options, numerous brands, and tons of products all boasting to be the best on the market. In the last few weeks we have talked about how to shop in season and shop locallyToday let’s touch on supermarkets. The ins and outs of shopping and how to get out of of there with your wallet in tact.


  • Shop the perimeter. You might have heard this before. I talk to my patients about this all the time. But when you stick with the outside walls of the store, you are shopping in the fresh food areas. This is what you want to be eating most of the time and it helps keep you away from the more preservative filled foods.
  • Make a grocery list in order of the store. This might seem tedious, but it helps save time while in the store. Think about it— you have already walked through the produce section but don’t realize you forgot the carrots until you are in the dairy section. Traipsing through the store back and forth can be very annoying and time consuming. Make a spreadsheet of common foods you buy in order of how you walk through the store, then just check off what you need each week…bada-bing, bada-boom.
  • Mix up your supermarkets. I rarely get all of my groceries at one store. I have about three stores where I consistently do my shopping. Sign up for the circulars from several different supermarkets or look them up online. The weekly circular will give you an idea of what is on sale or better priced from one store to another. You can also take these with you if you want to “price match” at a store to keep travel time down.
  • Clip store coupons from their website. Walmart, Target, and Crest stores all have coupons on their websites for several food and non-perishable items. USE THESE! If you are on a budget or just want to take advantage of free money, clip the coupons of the items you are already buying. It is easier to make your grocery list first, then look at the coupons. Otherwise you might end up buying things you don’t really need because there is a coupon.

I hope these tips help make you one step closer to being a savvy shopper! Lauren

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