Are you considering gastric bypass surgery? You probably have a lot of different questions running through your head. One of these questions might be: Will my stomach stretch back to its normal size after my procedure? The short answer is yes. You can stretch your stomach after gastric bypass surgery.

After gastric bypass weight loss surgery, there will be a small stomach pouch used as your new stomach. This is where your food will go. Because it’s smaller, you should only require a small amount of food in order to feel full. This will enable you to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight over the long term.

Here’s how to prevent stretching of the pouch and establish healthy habits post-surgery.

#1: Avoid overeating.

Continual overeating is a recipe for disaster after gastric bypass. Even if you decide to splurge occasionally, beware that this could trigger old eating patterns.

It is best to avoid overeating all the time so you don’t risk stomach stretching.

You can drink all the way up until you take your first bite of food. Once you take your first bite, stop drinking, and wait one hour after eating before drinking again. Your stomach will need some time to digest fluid separately from your food.

#2: No snacks.

WeightWise does not recommend snacking throughout the day. Stick to your three meals per day in order to achieve the greatest weight loss benefits. Don’t skip meals, because then you’ll be ravenous for the next one and eat too much.

#3: Remember to heed advice from your doctor and dietitian

Transitioning to a new diet after gastric bypass surgery is a big step in your journey toward long-lasting health and wellbeing. Even occasional treats such as those containing carbohydrates or carbonation can stretch the stomach.

Thus, it is crucial that post-bariatric patients adjust to a “new normal” after gastric surgery. No more huge pieces of pie or bowls of ice cream after every meal. In consultation with your doctor, you’ll likely learn to monitor your food intake as a matter of course; that way you’ll avoid being tempted by Thanksgiving dinner with two helpings of mashed potatoes.

Talk to your bariatric surgeon and/or your dietitian after your surgery to get some ideas on what healthy treat options are out there. Just remember not to eat larger portions as some kind of reward after bariatric surgery.

Our team at WeightWise is dedicated to your weight loss success! We’ve guided many bariatric patients through the process of weight loss surgery.

Contact us today to learn more about gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery (or sleeved stomachs and food intake in general) or to enquire about what might be right for you.

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