It has been such a hot summer already and it’s only June. I thought I would share some tips on how to stay cool in the summer but still get your exercise in.

Time to start SWIMMING- Being in a pool can bring back great memories from childhood. I remember always getting to go to Big Splash every summer and swim all day long! Of course my parents loved it because we would be sound asleep before even leaving the parking lot. So it’s a great place to take your kids too. Along with it being fun you’ll also be getting the whole family involved and having fun. Swimming helps to burn calories, firm and tone muscles all while having fun. Swimming is excellent if you do suffer from joint pain. There is very low impact on our joints from swimming. We also have added resistance which is very helpful in giving us a total body workout. There have been several studies that suggest that swimming can be done daily with out risk of injury. You may not have the same luck if you’re running or doing strength training. Water aerobics or lap swimming help to improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels and cardiovascular performance.

So this summer take your family out to the pool for a good time and get some exercise in. Remember to wear sunscreen!

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