Written by Catherine Lo Schiavo, Dietetic Intern from OUHSC 

We live in a society where food is love. It’s not just preparing food for those we love,
it’s showing the preparer that we love him or her back by eating the foods that have
been prepared for us. But what do you do now that you can’t? How can you navigate
a family event or social situation without offending your host?

  1. Food is not love. Enjoy a small portion of the foods you can eat. Remember to compliment the chef and politely decline a second helping.
  2. Redirect the conversation. Your friends or family might be worried about you because they feel that you are not eating enough, or maybe feel rejected by your refusal of their food. Smile, remind your loved one that you are working closely with your physician, and change the subject.
  3. Entertain without food. Suggest a board game, plan a future outing, or invite others to take a walk; center your socialization on activities other than eating.

Your new lifestyle is just for you. It might take your loved ones some time to get on
board with you, but if you stand your ground and share all of your successes with
them, they will understand this sacrifice is well worth it!

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