This summer is so HOT!!! I know for me I tend to make more excuses about exercise because I don’t want to sweat. I know many of you have access to a pool and hopefully you’re using it.  We’ve made a water aerobics routine for you to try this summer!

1.) Get warmed up and start by water walking 5 minutes.

2.) Frankenstein walk: stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lift Left leg straight out while taking your right hand out to meet your left leg. Repeat with other leg. 2 minutes.

3.)Heels to Bottom: Stand shoulder width apart and bring each heel back to your bottom like you would do a quadricep stretch. 2 minutes

4.) Flutter kicks: Hold on to the side of the pool and kick your feet back behind you, 2 minutes

5.) High Knee’s: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bring each knee into your chest and repeat with the other lef, 2 minutes

6.)Cross Country Ski: Standing with your right foot forward and your left foot back, jump and switch. Repeat with other leg. 2 minutes

7.) Arm circles: Stand with your arms extended out to your sides to make a T. Circle your arms forward for 1 minutes and then backwards for 1 minute.

8.) Jumping Jacks in deep water or at least chest height.

Repeat! Make sure you are doing your stretches after!!

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