piggy-bankIf you’re looking into the price of gastric sleeve surgery, you may be confused by regional differences in price and wondering how they correlate to the quality of your physician. Determining the best surgeon for you is essential to undergoing a surgery that you will find valuable and recover safely from.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery can vary tremendously by location. In general, sleeve gastrectomy is less expensive than gastric bypass and slightly more expensive than adjustable gastric banding. According to obesitycoverage.com, prices for gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 are similar to what they were in 2013 and dropping due to competition and increased demand for this highly effective, laparoscopically-performed surgery.

Current prices vary between $9,500 USD and $24,000 countrywide, with $15,500 being the most-quoted average price. These prices are based on cash pay amounts, which are often less than what your clinic would charge the hospital.

Will My Insurance Cover Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

In the past, gastric sleeve surgery has not been covered by insurance, or covered only in extreme cases in which it was one stage of a gastric bypass procedure for an extremely morbidly obese person. However, due to ongoing data and positive feedback showing this procedure to be the cause of significant weight loss in patients who did not progress to complete the gastric bypass surgery as planned, most insurers now cover gastric sleeve as a primary procedure for weight loss.

If your employer provides your insurance plan, speak with your HR department about having your surgery covered, as many policies now include provisions for bariatric surgery. If your employer does not cover weight loss surgery, compiling medical evidence to support your request is an excellent way to appeal. Be sure to include in your documentation your BMI and any attempts you have made over the past year to lose weight, especially those verified by your physician. In many cases, employers will agree to include bariatric care in your policy. If your provider still refuses to cover your claim, you can contact a weight loss surgery advocacy firm to help you appeal their decision.

Undergoing gastric sleeve surgery is a huge decision, and one that will change your health for the better. In addition, patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery often experience a quicker recovery time than those who do not. If you are considering undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure, attending a free seminar can help you choose a surgery program that best fits your needs. We offer a no-obligation seminar that can help clarify our process and answer any questions you may have. Sign up today!

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