Undergoing weight loss surgery is a big deal. It is not only a large undertaking for your body, but it’s an emotional process, too. So, when bariatric procedures don’t work out as the patient initially anticipated, patients often feel frustrated.

Not only does long-term weight loss doesn’t happen, but they may also see the weight regained and the return of health issues. Getting a second chance through revisional bariatric surgery is one option of achieving long term weight loss success.

Everyone is different and there is a variety of surgical procedures out there to lose weight. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to respond to bariatric surgery in the same way. Sometimes, the band in lap band surgery can slip and in the case of gastrectomy surgery. Sometimes the sleeve that is used to replace the stomach is too big and weight loss can’t be achieved how it was intended.

However, a lot of the time, the surgery doesn’t stick because of personal changes. It may be that the person stops exercising regularly or they start making poor food choices. Perhaps the patient had a baby or there are some stresses in life that have caused diet and exercise to take a backseat.

Bariatric surgery does help with weight loss, but long-term success means the patient must commit to making permanent lifestyle changes. And, in some cases, revisional weight loss surgery isn’t possible because of extensive scarring.

Is a revisional procedure right for you?

Each patient and each patient’s weight loss journey are different. Because of that, there is not a direct answer on if revision weight loss surgery is right for you. If your original procedure was not a success, the best approach is to contact our team of experienced bariatric surgeons at WeightWise to start a dialogue.

We will look in detail at your medical history and recommend what we think might be best. Sometimes revisional surgery is not feasible and if that’s the case, we will talk about what other surgical options could work for you to help keep weight off and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about revisional surgery, watch our FREE online seminar and then contact us at WeightWise today.

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