My Intern Experience at WeightWise 

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I didn’t really know what to expect coming into my dietetic intern rotation at WeightWise, because I had never had any prior experience at a bariatric surgery or weight loss center.  I thought that centers such as WeightWise basically just did weight loss surgery and sent patients on their way. But after my first day, I knew that it was a place I could see myself working for in the future. Why you ask? It may have been the integrative approach WeightWise uses for their patients, each patient seeing the exercise physiologist, the dietitian, and the surgeon or nurse practitioner/PA. It might be the exceedingly friendly staff that greets you at the front desk and continues throughout the patient’s visit. Or the long-term support a patient receives from the team at WeightWise to help them be successful. I think it was a combination of all those things that made me love it here, but what really made me know this place was great, was the couple I observed express their happiness for the program.  They were trilled about their combined success from surgery, how good they felt from the weight they both had lost, all the support they received here at Weight Wise, and how they “got their lives back”. Hearing those patient experiences really made me understand why the people who work at WeightWise love their jobs. They are here for their patients.

Although my rotation at WeightWise is over, I will never forget all the things I learned here. Not only did I learn about the dietitian’s role, I learned about all the great products and resources Weight Wise has for their patients. There are diet classes, support groups, and patients can email or call for support or questions anytime of the day. I learned about the great blog with recipes and meal plans (which I am going to use all the time for great ideas), and the estore they have with all their products ready to ship.

Thank you WeightWise for having me as an intern this week, and thank you to the patients who allowed me to sit in on their sessions. This is much more than a bariatric surgery center, patients who come here have a whole team behind them to help support them get through the life long change that is weight-loss surgery.

Catherine Meredith, OSU Dietetic Intern 

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