It’s the Monday after a holiday weekend and I totally wish I had another day off! If you missed the 4th of July Menu post, then check it out here for your future cookouts this month!  So, how was your holiday weekend?

Any cookout catastrophes? Swimming shenanigans? Firework fiascoes? Mine was fairly uneventful except that I lost my sister to the city of Houston (Texas is so lucky).

 Since I had an extra long holiday weekend, I knew it would be more difficult to get back into my regular work routine. Waking up early to fix breakfast on Monday morning after 4 days off?!?! Forget about it!

 That’s where preparing a few meals ahead of time saves my hide. Plus Breakfast Stir Fry is ridiculously good reheated.

photo 2_Fotor

Breakfast Stir Fry

Enjoy this version of my Breakfast Stir Fry. ~Lauren

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