Food Fatigued??

Some patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery feel tired after eating. What is this phenomenon? Is it something that should cause concern? What is happening for post-gastric sleeve patients who feel tired after eating? Truth is, some patients feel tired after...
Gastric Sleeve Pre-Op Diet Recipes

Gastric Sleeve Pre-Op Diet Recipes

If you have decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, you are likely preparing your next steps. This will include — in consultation with your care provider — familiarizing yourself with gastric sleeve pre-op diet recipes and recommendations. Gastric sleeve (or...

Christmas Menu 2021

Happy Holidays! 2021 has been almost as crazy of a year as 2020, but something to look forward to is relaxing with loved ones as the year is coming to end. This means that most people are in the midst of holiday celebrations. As everyone knows, food is a huge part of...

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