Have you ever noticed that our out look on a situation can make or break it?

I’m not one to spend too much time on a treadmill. I like to get out and go, plus if I run or walk somewhere I have to make it back to the car. So Saturday morning I did just that. I got up and got to Lake Hefner. I had to run 6 miles for my training program.I got out 3 miles and my attitude flipped a switch. Negative Nancy was in full force! I was sweaty, I had bugs stuck to me, I had water that tasted like soap, and I was mad because I wasn’t running as fast as I did 3 years ago….hello age! 🙂  As I started to head back to the car it just kept getting harder and harder.  I was “wogging” at this point, (walk/jogging) and I started to think about exercise and my attitude! I kept thinking if I would just get positive I might have a positive outcome from this run or at least finish it.  So I started by seeing a trash can and telling myself to make it to the trash can I can walk, then make it to that tree and then before I knew it I was back to the car.  So I got to thinking about changing our language.

To start, keep in mind all the reasons you decided to get on a weight loss kick or why you decided to exercise today. Was it because you wanted less joint pain, fitting in a smaller size, wedding, children, getting off medicine, better self esteem, or make your marriage better or even start dating? There are all kinds of reasons we get motivated to get healthier, but it’s the fear of failure that keeps us from achieving these goals most of the time. It is also about your language.  “I don’t have time.”  “I am so busy at work.” “The kids are in every activity possible.”

I’m not saying these are excuses, because I get it, everyone has a crazy busy life but a healthy life is a CHOICE. You choose to be healthy. You choose how to spend your money, you choose if you want to go to bed early, you choose to be that busy and you choose whether or not you want to exercise. It all comes from your perception and what you MAKE time for. So next time you catch yourself saying, you don’t have time for 30 minutes of walking, ask where can I make time for my walk, for my health, and for me time! A 30 minute work out is 2% of your day! You make the choice to be healthier, just as I made the choice to change my attitude and finish that run! 🙂 Happy Monday!

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