Gastric bypass can be a great way to “shrink” the stomach and lose significant weight. Many patients see dramatic results in their weight loss and experience increased energy like never before. Unfortunately, some gastric bypass patients can gain back the weight that they lost, and this can be very frustrating. Here’s how to restart weight loss after gastric bypass.

First, it’s important to know that your body has undergone a significant change. The stomach and intestines have changed and don’t allow you to consume or absorb the food like before. This allows for rapid weight loss.

However, once the stomach has healed, some people start regaining weight. This is because the stomach is able to stretch and grow, which accommodates more food.

A bariatric pouch reset is one way that people can restart their weight loss journey. This places your body back into fat metabolism, decreases your carbohydrate cravings, and jump-starts weight loss.

You will work closely with one of our dietitians who will assist you with starting on the two-week reboot diet. The reboot diet consists of drinking a protein shake for all three of your meals and having one to two protein snacks if needed.

Throughout the day, drink plenty of water, but don’t drink once you begin eating, and wait one full hour after you are finished eating to start drinking again.

Once you have undergone the pouch reset, it is important to stick to healthy foods in modest amounts so you can maintain your weight loss.

Continue working with a dietitian that can help. They can not only help you with food-related questions, but they can also encourage you to make changes to your mindset when it comes to thinking about food.

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