Many people think personal trainers are only for the rich. Trainers charge by the hour, and are typically associated with upscale gyms. Not for the average joe, right? Not necessarily. In Oklahoma City, trainers work at both private clubs and private gyms. Individual sessions with a trainer are accessible to nearly anyone.

Personal Trainers Offer Insights Into Your Fitness

Hiring a personal trainerWhat are your fitness goals? Do you want to lose weight? Get stronger? Become more flexible? A personal trainer can map out a route to your goals. He or she can develop a program to keep you moving forward at a steady pace. Like a coach, your trainer will assess your fitness and adjust workouts to match your progress. A trainer’s practiced eye keeps you from getting burnt out or bored by your routine.

A trainer is especially helpful for people just getting started on an active lifestyle. A personal trainer can teach you the correct form for moves in your routine. If you’ve never worked with free weights, for instance, a trainer can show you how to safely make the most of resistance training.

Personal Trainers Look For Long-Term Clients

Unlike a gym membership, a personal trainer holds you accountable. Trainers want clients to reach their goals. They may send you reminders, motivational messages and advice for sticking to your workout schedule. Over time, you’ll develop a relationship with a trainer.That connection can keep you coming back to the gym even when motivation flags.

Personal Trainers Are More Affordable Than You Think

The most important factor in choosing a trainer is finding one that’s a good match. It’s better to find someone you feel comfortable with than to shop for a good deal on prices. Individual training costs more than a standard gym membership, but you get a lot for your money.
On average, personal trainers charge about $28.27-$31.37 per hour, or the same as the cost of an inexpensive meal for two.

Only you can decide if the expertise and motivation offered by personal training is worth the expense. If a trainer helps you achieve your goal of getting fit, compare the price to the health and financial implications of being inactive.

A sedentary lifestyle is costly. It increases the risk for diabetes, heart disease and other chronic ailments. These debilitating conditions have a financial cost. More importantly, they negatively affect your health and happiness. When you consider that good health is priceless, investing in the services of a personal trainer may seem like a bargain.

Do you work with a personal trainer? Why or why not? Share your personal experience with personal trainers below.

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