big-pantsWhile it may seem like a shallow issue, deciding whether or not to keep your ‘fat clothes’ as you lose weight is a question most individuals have asked at one point or another. Those who have undergone weight loss surgery and stand to lose 100 or more pounds during the course of their program may find this question particularly relevant.

The truth is, there are pros and cons to keeping clothing from heavier times in your life, and only you can decide what feels conducive to your journey and what is better left in the past. Like any cautionary tale, oversized clothing is only as valuable as the motivation you gain from its story. With this in mind, consider the following reasons to keep – or to give away – your “fat clothes.”

Keep Em’

  • I <3 You, Shirt: The first reason many people keep their pre-weight-loss clothes is pure attachment. Can you think of a pair of jeans or special outfit you have worn a great deal over the years, in fair and stressful weather? Now, imagine never seeing it again. The clothes we put on our bodies day after day can stand as reminders of good times and our former selves, friends, and experiences. They are woven into the fabric of our lives, and it can be painful to let them go once we no longer need them.

         And that’s okay. As long as you have the closet space, saving a few precious items can be an excellent reminder of what was, both positive and negative, and what is now.

  • Remember Where You Began: It can be easy to forget how far you’ve come when you’ve come a long way. Keeping your old clothing can be an excellent way to tangibly look back on the weight you’ve lost and the lessons you’ve learned, keeping both in mind as you move forward.

Lose Em’

When we say “lose,” what we really mean is “donate or repurpose.” Waste is not the point; your liberation is. The following are reasons not to keep your old clothing:

  • Afraid of Regain: One less positive reason to keep your old clothes is fear of regaining the weight you lost. While vigilance over your diet and exercise regimen is vital, excessive fear to the point of keeping two wardrobes will not serve you and could even create a destructive inevitability around the idea of gaining weight. Don’t give yourself the option. If fear of packing on pounds you have lost is your only reason for keeping your fat clothes, pass Go and move straight to Lose Em’.

  • Donating Your Clothing Helps Others: Keeping your ‘fat clothes’ prevents people who may need clothing from making good use of yours. By giving away anything in good condition, you free up space in your closet and provide much-needed garb to those who were once in your shoes (clothing pun!).

Bottom line, the choice to keep or get rid of your old, “fat clothes” is entirely up to you. Often, the answer lies somewhere between getting rid of them and keeping a few cherished pieces. Consider the reasons above before taking either path, and congrats on coming so far on your journey to health and fitness!

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