Having bariatric surgery means you are taking control of your weight in a new way. It will require patience and hard work, in addition to dietary changes. In the days leading up to weight loss surgery, and even the night before, you have been preparing for a new way to eat.

This includes cutting out processed foods and decreasing the amount of food you eat, including fruit and vegetables. The day before, you are only allowed a liquid diet. Any deviations from this plan could put the surgical procedure in jeopardy.

This is all done to prepare you for the post-op diet and getting a jump-start on your weight loss journey. But for the best long-term success, you’ll need to follow a very strict diet in the months after gastric bypass, duodenal switch, or gastric sleeve surgery.

Here are some tips on how to eat healthy after surgery – and for the rest of your life:

Tip #1: Avoid foods high in starchy carbs, sugars, and saturated fats.
Your digestive system will be different after weight loss surgery. It’s important to avoid these foods, as they can leave the stomach pouch quickly and ‘dump’ into the small intestine. This can lead to a side effect known as gastric dumping.

Tip #2: Drink plenty of fluid.
Staying hydrated is very important, so be sure to drink at least 96 ounces of fluid a day. Avoid carbonated beverages, as this can react with digestive enzymes in the stomach that cause gas. Reduce your caffeine intake to 24 ounces per day. Limit your intake of other sugary drinks too, using sugar substitutes or sugar-free creamer in small quantities.

Tip #3: Focus on quality.
Solid foods are the best way to keep you full for a longer period. You will need to learn not to overeat and be okay with smaller doses of food. Focus on eating foods that have lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and foods that have healthy fats like nuts or avocados. When cooking, try to bake or grill your food, avoiding fried items.

Tip #4: Get support.
Your medical team at WeightWise is your first line of support, but it’s also important to surround yourself with friends and family that can support your new lifestyle. Ask those that are close to you to keep you accountable in your eating and exercise habits. Or talk to other people that have had successful weight loss surgery about what has worked for them. Accountability and camaraderie go a long way when embarking on your new lifestyle!

Our team at WeightWise is committed to helping your surgery be a complete success. After your surgery, we will work with you to create an individual dietary plan that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Take a look at our FREE online seminar to see why our program has been so successful. Your new life is waiting!

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