Let’s talk resistance bands. Many of you have them but many don’t use them or don’t really know what to do with them! Well I’m here to show you a few things to help you get started! A common question I get is:

What do you use the bands for?

Well you can use them for physical therapy, strength training,  and range of motion exercises. I love bands because they are convenient and affordable. Plus they don’t take up much space! If I invested in dumbbells that have a wide range of sizes, they would take up quite a bit of space.

So there are two different types of bands that you may commonly see. There are thera-bands, which you will get if you do or have done physical therapy at some point. You may also use these in a fitness class as well.

You maybe more familiar with the tubing resistance bands. I generally use these myself. I find these more often at gyms.

So back to our question, What do you use them for? Exercise of course! We have to have variety to our workouts other wise we will never change. If all I did was walk and I never worked on my strength training my body would never change. Our bodies are smart and very adaptable. At WeightWise we work on losing weight by starting with low intensity cardio but at some point you’ll hear me start to mention resistance training.  Any weight-bearing exercise helps to improve muscle and bone development.

Here are some exercises to follow with your bands. 3 sets of 12 reps

Standing Row

Chest Press

Tricep Extension


Bent Over Row

Bicep curl

Lateral Raise

Upright Row


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