Are you wanting to hit multiple muscle groups while doing one simple movement? Then squats are the exercises for you! This exercise will target over 7 muscles. To start, stand with your feet hip width apart, pick your toes up in your shoes. Did you feel your weight shift, that is the way you should feel while doing squats. If you place your weight throughout your whole foot you’ll find yourself shifting forward and your knees may come up over your toes. When this happens you actually cause more strain on your knees which is why people always complain on knee pain while they do squats. So remember you want your weight in your heels and just sit back as if you are going to sit in a chair. You want your chest lift, always remember to look up, it will help keep your chest elevated.  It will take some time to get use to it and as you do you’ll be able to get a deeper squat.  Here are some pictures of different ways to do squats. 




















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