With the Labor Day holiday behind me, a long weekend filled with friends, family, and endless temptations, I am feeling energized to refocus and get back on track to reach my weight loss goals.  Balancing work, school, and family obligations, I have been thinking of ways to add some new flavors without altering my usual routine.               Enter, the great mayo mix-up!

Mayonnaise is a a healthy fat that can add major flavor to your meals, but it may be time to freshen up this pantry staple.

To 1/4 cup mayonnaise try:

1 teaspoon Sriracha (aka Rooster Sauce) to add some spice to your tuna salad.

1 teaspoon pesto to add some Italian flair to turkey.

1 teaspoon ketchup to update a good ‘ol ham and cheese.



Lindsay Scott, Dietetic Intern

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