WeightWise is pleased to announce that we accept Aetna Health Plan. In the past many insurance policies didn’t cover bariatric procedures. Today, more companies are expanding coverage to pay for weight loss surgery. This is great news since bariatric surgery improves health and saves lives.

WeightWise accepts Aetna Health Plan for weight loss surgery.

If you’re covered by Aetna, contact us if you’re considering weight loss surgery. We’ll help you determine if you’re a candidate for surgery.

Before your first consultation with WeightWise, we’ll get in touch with Aetna to verify your benefits. When you know what to expect from your insurance, you can begin to make plans for surgery.

If you have insurance from another company, or don’t have coverage, check our financial FAQ page for information about paying for weight loss surgery in Oklahoma.

Will I Qualify for Benefits From Aetna?

Even within the same company, benefits differ from plan to plan. Some types of weight loss surgery may be covered. Others may be excluded.

Aetna’s benefits are for those people for whom weight loss surgery is deemed medically necessary. Each insurance company may have different criteria to qualify for benefits. The following are some common requirements:

  • Persistent, severe obesity. This is often defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40. Some people qualify for surgery when they have a BMI of more than 35 with accompanying obesity-related conditions. These conditions may include type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea or hypertension.
  • Repeated, failed attempts at weight loss. These efforts may need to be documented by a physician.
  • Pre-surgery weight loss program. Mandatory participation in a medically supervised diet and exercise plan may be required for a specified time prior to surgery.
  • Physician referral. Referrals or clearance from your primary care physician may be required.

Your particular plan may have additional or different standards.

How Do I Approach My Insurance Company?

Begin by reading your plan, calling your insurance agent or speaking with your employer’s benefits’ administrator. Be prepared with your medical records. Plan to document all your interactions with your insurance company.

The insurance experts at WeightWise will also help you. You don’t have tackle the vagaries of benefits on your own. A good place to start is by attending one of our free informational seminars. There you will learn in greater detail what you need to qualify for coverage.

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