youngoldwomanIf you have undergone or are planning to undergo weight loss surgery, this life-changing procedure may offer you even more benefits than you anticipated. Recent DNA studies have revealed genetic components that increase after bariatric surgery, creating younger-looking skin and healthier bodily systems.

Want to learn more? Everything you need to know revolves around a miniscule genetic spiral located at the end of a coil of DNA: the telomore.

What is a Telomore?

Telomores are the genetic material that “cap” a cable of DNA, similar to the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace. Recent research at Stanford University reveals that these slinky-like bundles of chromosomes shorten as we age, causing eventual death when they reduce to a length of about 5000 bases.

However, researchers have conducted a study that revealed a slight increase in the length of telomores in patients who have had bariatric surgery, leading to subtle improvement in appearance, perhaps due to improved cellular health. While this change did not remove fine lines and wrinkles, it did create a marked, healthy “glow.”

Of studied participants, the average age was 49 years old with a BMI of 44.3. Telomore length increased most dramatically in participants whose LDL cholesterol, the “bad” kind, was highest before surgery, or in those who had  been most ill from chronic inflammation or heart disease.

These findings indicate that the more ill an individual has become, the more he or she can benefit from a procedure that reduces both the negative physical effects of excess weight as well as the chromosomal effects of aging.

Everlasting Youth? Not Yet

The discovery of telomores and their role in aging has impacted both bariatric and cosmetic research. While anti-aging effects are now an indicated result of weight loss surgery, the process itself should not be viewed as a fountain of youth. Instead, patients are encouraged to take as many healthy steps as possible to maintain and support their health, including proper diet, a regular fitness regimen, and reduced stress. A youthful attitude is just as vital to looking young and healthy as chromosomal change and can be obtained without surgery.

Considering weight loss surgery? Looking younger is just one of the many reasons to consider this transformative process. Sign up today for a free seminar to address all of your questions directly with our expert team of surgeons and support staff.

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