Are you ready to lose weight and live a healthier life? Maybe you’ve tried to stick with exercise and a healthy diet before. Maybe it worked, and you lost weight. But, if you’re like most people who resolve to lose weight, you’ve probably had mixed results. You may have lost weight, but then the pounds crept back. Sometimes this frustrating cycle can go on for years.

Are you ready to lose weight?

Permanent weight loss isn’t easy. Success often requires several attempts. If you’re considering weight loss surgery, you should know a new study confirms the long-term benefits of bariatric surgery. Surgery paired with exercise and a post-bariatric diet are effective for weight loss and maintenance.

Prepare for Success

No matter how you go about losing weight, if you’re to succeed, you’ll need to be mentally prepared. Here are a few ways you can get ready for a new way of life:

Have a Plan

Ask yourself what you need to be successful. Spend time thinking about your life, health, goals and resources. Would a support group help? Could you benefit from a professional dietitian? What about a coach? Perhaps you prefer something more informal. If so, find a workout partner or class to make exercise fun. Whatever your style, make a plan and implement it. Begin today.

Have Realistic Expectations

If your goals are too lofty, you won’t attain them. Instead of starting out by saying you’ll never eat a piece of cake again, resolve to follow a healthy eating plan. Realize you may have setbacks. Don’t punish yourself if you eat a “forbidden” food. Move forward and get back to nutritious food and regular exercise.

Get Rid of Distractions

Major life events are hard on your body. Before launching a new weight loss program, let your life calm down a bit. Schedule the start date of your plan and clear distractions from your calendar. For example, if you have a big project at work, don’t start your diet at the same time. Deal with major problems at work and at home before taking on weight loss. Begin your weight loss plan by focusing on yourself. As the weeks and months pass, your new habits will become ingrained.

Weight Loss Surgery in Oklahoma City

Take things one day at a time. Persistence and consistency will pay off. If you don’t know where to start, contact WeightWise. Attend one of our seminars and get the information you need to start your journey to health.

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