So this week I have been thinking a lot about switching up my exercise routine. I have been doing boot camp since January 3-5 times a week. I have improved my strength and flexibility, which is great. However, now 7 months later, I’m getting burnt out. So I started to think what I should do next. I’ll for sure go back to yoga because it helps control my stress and it keeps me flexible. Does anyone else ever get in this rut? Well I was talking to my friend Blair and decided I feel like I should start running back up. We are about the same speed so we could go together. I haven’t run much in the past 3 years but this past April I really surprised myself at the OKC marathon and realized how much I missed a good run. Colby tested my VO2, which needs some work, but I’m completely re-motivated to get back into running.  Blair and I were talking the other day and we have picked out some runs we would like to shoot for.  I’m excited for the training but even more excited to buy new running shoes and running clothing! 🙂 I am also excited now that we have a plan to run another full marathon before we are the big 30, which is in 2014, so rapidly approaching!

What goals have you set for yourself?  How are you going to achieve these?

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