organizedGetting organized can seem overwhelming. It requires focus, dedication, certain tools (boxes, files, label tape, etc), but most of all, time. Ask most people when they last had the leisure to organize a closet or clean out a filing cabinet – I mean, really clean and order it – and they’ll likely tell you a) Never b) Ugh, I need to do that – to every room in my house! or c) I don’t believe in fairy tales.

However, the reason you may have so little time may in part be due to disorganization and habits around your house or at work that keep you running in circles all day, instead of accomplishing tasks that propel you forward.

When you are on a weight loss journey that affects your health and wellbeing, you don’t have time or space for snags. Getting organized about eating, exercising, and de-stressing is essential to staying on track.

The following steps can help you get organized with regards to weight loss, stream-lining the process for an easy and even pleasant process:

Create a Recipe Book

What better way to sort your recipes for easy access when you need them? By creating tabs for different types of meat or mealtimes, you can simply and easily take on any meal at any time and not fall prey to unhealthy chow due to excuses like, “I didn’t know what to make.” Interested but stumped? This post about creating a recipe binder has all the tips you need!

Calendar Your Workouts

This is a great idea for two reasons. The first is that having your workouts – what you plan to do, where, and with whom – calendared will create structure around your practice that relieves you of the energy it takes to think up the plan every day. There’s something about writing it down that helps you commit to the work at hand. The other benefit is that, for those with busy families, calendaring your workouts and sharing that calendar with your family members is a great way to ensure that others respect your time and allow you the space to take care of yourself.

Get a Cubby

Set aside a place in your home for gym clothes and sneakers so that, when you need them, they are available to you. No more searching through your closet when you should already be on your way to the gym. Place everything from a change of clothes to a water bottle in your cubby or gym basket and get ready for a quick leap out the door!

Getting organized is one of the most essential ways to stay on track as you lose weight and keep it off for good. Make a commitment to keeping your recipes and gym gear in their own locations in the house and writing out a workout calendar, all of which will help you – and others – respect your time.

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