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Dumping Syndrome Symptoms

Dumping Syndrome Symptoms

Bariatric procedures are the best way to lose large amounts of excessive weight and keep it off in the long term, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet. And when it comes to bariatric diets, how you eat is just as important as what you eat. Eating too much or...

How Long Does Dumping Syndrome Last?

If you are planning to undergo weight loss surgery, it is very likely that you have heard of dumping syndrome. This digestive issue is common in patients who have undergone weight loss surgery. Many of those patients wonder: How long does dumping syndrome last?...

Food Fatigued??

Some patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery feel tired after eating. What is this phenomenon? Is it something that should cause concern? What is happening for post-gastric sleeve patients who feel tired after eating? Truth is, some patients feel tired after...
Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet: What to Eat and What To Avoid

Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet: What to Eat and What To Avoid

Let’s chat about the post-bariatric surgery diet. What foods will one be able to eat? What foods must one definitely avoid? Is there any truth to the “everything in moderation” rule when it comes to a post-bariatric diet? Taking that last question first, the answer is...

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