Winter is the time of year traditionally associated with weight gain, reduced exercise, and unavoidable, high-calorie holiday treats.

As the holidays draw closer, maintaining or increasing your activity level is an effective way to keep your weight down and prevent excess pounds from accumulating.

However, with cold weather setting in, finding the motivation to stay fit through outdoor activity or even a drive to the gym can be difficult. Consider the following tips for getting your sweat on when temperatures drop:

1.    Get pumped for the cold  . . . or at least have a plan!

Who says cold weather has to be unpleasant? Temperature-drop enthusiasts say that cold weather helps prevent excessive sweating and can keep you alert and motivated, while warmer temps drag you down. In addition, cold weather sports can be all you need to get excited; downhill and cross-country ski trips, ice skating, or just a healthy sprint can all refresh and revive both your body and your sense of fun.

If a brisk walk or jog doesn’t appeal to you, don’t write off exercise altogether. Treat yourself to a gym membership so you can get your sweat on in any weather.

2.      Set Small, Achievable Goals

If your holiday schedule is fuller than full, setting aside short periods of time to execute bursts of activity is an excellent way to make sure you get the movement you need each day. While one big workout can feel intimidating, two short sessions throughout the day can help you stay motivated, energized, and feeling accomplished.

Another benefit? Exercising, even briefly, in the morning jump-starts your metabolism, boosts your energy for the day, increases mental acuity and even improves your quality of sleep. So working out for 15 minutes upon awaking and 15 minutes before dinner are both great ways to stay in shape and build a fitness habit.  

3.      Gear Up

There’s nothing like a new pair of running pants to get you motivated and feeling great about yourself. In addition, winter is an excellent time to refresh your workout gear.Treat yourself to a new, uber-supportive pair of running or cross-training sneakers, a moisture-wicking neck scarf, or insulated windbreaker to keep winter chill at bay. Consider any one of these purchases an investment in your health.

In terms of price, be sure to take care of your priorities by avoiding items out of your range. However, opting for higher-quality items will ensure that you enjoy maximum benefits from gear that lasts.

4.      Keep Long-term Goals in Mind

For patients living a bariatric lifestyle, long-term goals are what drive daily decisions. Whether patients endeavor to increase health and wellbeing, lose weight and maintain that loss, and avoid backsliding into a former state of obesity, daily activity plays a huge role in making these dreams a reality. Be sure to schedule check-ins when you can assess measurable goals – like completing ten pushups or losing 1 pound her week – and determine your success, as well as any barrier to success that have been keeping you from accomplishing what you wish!

Looking for post-op fitness tips? Our team is happy to help. Contact us today to learn how you can stay fit and healthy, or embark on a bariatric journey, this season!

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