Time not on your side this week? Sometimes there just is not enough time, I get it. Between work, our baby, house chores, yard work, church activities, and small amounts of sleep- meal planning and grocery shopping is the straw that can break your back. When life gets in the way like this, I try to have a plan in my back pocket. I make up a weekly dinner menu or two  when I seems to have a few minutes, then reuse as needed. Weekly Meal Plans

When I make a dinner menu, I try to put recipes together that give variety but will also let me batch cook some things. For example, this dinner menu used sauerkraut/cabbage in a few recipes as well as ground beef. So you are buying less ingredients and able to cook a few things on one night.

 Another thing I make sure to do is to write out the groceries needed. That way I can send a list to the store with someone else or order groceries online to save time.

Click on the link for the dinner menu and grocery list. Follow each individual link for the recipes.

Dinner Menu

Baked BBQ Chicken

Cottage Cheese Slaw

Reuben in a Ramekin

Pork Roast and Sauerkraut

Mini Quiche

Cabbage Jambalaya

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 

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