Healthy Holiday Seasons

It is upon us. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas music is in full swing. Santa Claus and snowmen decorations are bountiful. And people knock each other over for the last Tickle Me Elmo (that’s still a cool toy, right?). 

You have spent the last 5 months with me preparing for this season with the Healthy Holiday Series. This is where it comes to fruition. Wrapping it up in a nice red bow, if you will. During the rush of the next few weeks, it is important to remember the healthy habits you have been establishing….

Remember, planning ahead is key. This will help with the fatigue that comes with making a great deal of decisions. It will help get you through the holiday parties without a hitch and keep your meals on track. Plus, your family might be interested in making new, healthy traditions— discuss this with them! Keep these tidbits in mind as you are decking your halls. 

 From the WeightWise family,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 

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