A good marinade can make the difference between an okay meal and a great meal. It’s almost impossible to make a marinade that doesn’t taste good…so get creative!! All marinades need 3 things: oil, acid, and seasoning.

Combine these 3 ingredients & tailor to your taste preferences.

1.  Oil (olive/canola/blend):  helps meat not stick to the grill and helps keep the meat moist during grilling  (use equal part oil and acid ingredients)

2.  Acid – vinegar (white/red/balsamic/etc), salad dressing (Italian/vinaigrette), citrus fruit juice (fresh limes or lemons), wine/beer:  allows flavor to penetrate meat & breaks down protein for tenderness

3. Seasonings (based on taste preference)- they add great flavor to meats and help avoid using condiments that are loaded with calories  (3 tbsp-1/4 c depending on how much meat you’re marinating and how much flavor you want). If you are unsure of what seasonings to use, check out the Spice It Up post for ideas.

Share your favorite marinade with us!!

~Lauren A.

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