Woman readingIt’s not what you think.

Being introverted does not mean you hide out in a cave all day, scorning social interaction, just as being extroverted does not mean that your life is an endless party and you never take a break.

Both temperaments, as well as the more common, Ambivert (a combination of both where most people’s personalities fall), are based on one question: how do you recharge?

What is this “recharging” you speak of?

Re-charging is how you relax. It’s how you gain energy. You can also ask yourself the question, “What tires me out?” No answer is wrong, and all have various benefits in both personal communications and professional environments.

If you absolutely adore and feel energetic when attending parties, networking, hanging out with groups of friends, and working on teams, it’s a good bet that you are more extroverted than introverted. This would mean that spending quiet time alone, reading, reflecting, and meditating may seem boring and stagnating to you. Getting out in the world and engaging with it on every level is what you need to feel good and successful.

Extroverts are known for captivating an audience, whether that audience includes three friends or a boardroom. They are often fun to be around.

If, on the other hand, you love silence, long walks in the woods (alone), prefer one-on-one time with friends and lovers, and accomplish more work when you dig into a task solo, then you may be more of an introvert. You get energy from being alone or with just one or two people and lose energy from the pressure of participating in big social gatherings.

Introversion doesn’t mean you don’t love a good party. It just means that you’ll need to rest up afterward to return to your optimal energy level. Introverts are often prized, sensitive listeners and can be perceived as highly authentic – and trustworthy – people when they are comfortable with themselves.

Ambiverts do a little of both and are noted to work especially well in sales-related professions, according to Forbes.

Why is knowing my type important?

Let’s get a real for a second.

For those of us who are still learning how to best take care of ourselves (and who isn’t?), knowledge is power. Socrates, the great Greek Philosopher, proclaimed “Know Thyself” as a key to becoming a better person and a more effective human being.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed (read: low on energy), you are much more likely to engage in destructive habits, such as overeating and negative inner talk. Understanding how you can rejuvenate and return to your “A Game” is essential to keeping those demons at bay so your best self – the self that commits to a weight loss journey and follows through – can keep serving your highest goals and aspirations, including sticking to bariatric lifestyle when it gets challenging.

When you don’t know how you feel, your feelings can control you. Understanding what gives you energy can help you stick with goals, chart a successful career, and plan vacations that nourish your spirit. By considering whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, you do yourself – and those that love you and want you to enjoy a long, healthy life – a great service.

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