metabolic-testingHey, All! Welcome to Phase 2 of our first-ever Facebook giveaway!! We hope you enjoyed the first half. BIG congrats to our winner, Ruth Gragert Walton!

This second phase is perfect for summer, the easiest time of year to get started on your weight loss efforts (hello, amazing weather!). In honor of Independence Day, we’re declaring July the month of independence from excuses, and this next prize is sure to help!

We’re giving away metabolic testing at WeightWise headquarters, both RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) & VO2 testing. Never heard of it? Metabolic testing is used to determine the amount of calories your body needs to function, as well as the type of fuel your body uses at rest (fat or carbohydrate). This is incredibly useful if you’re establishing a personalized diet and exercise plan but are unsure what your body needs to perform effectively, and how much.

But that’s not all. The testing is also used to determine the type of fuel used during physical activity, which includes the highest intensity at which fat remains the dominant fuel source during activity. All of this information can provide the basis for a fitness regimen that truly serves you and your weight loss goals.

Enter to win this $150 value, below!

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We’ll announce a winner on August 1! Good Luck!