Happy Easter everyone, or almost at least! I hope each of you have a fantastic and safe weekend filled with celebration, family, and delicious food. Contrary to what many believe, you can still eat some yummy food with your family while also staying on track with all the progress you have made. Just stay away from the sweets ?. If any of you are unsure what to prepare, or would like to try something new (besides turkey/ham) …. have no fear for that is why I created this post. Below is an example Easter menu. Swap out any of these recipes for one of the many others on our blog if you would like.

Also, if avoiding temptation is not easy for you, or if you have ever found yourself swiping an egg from someone or rummaging through their candy after the Easter egg hunt, then you should continue reading this. Temptation is HARD to overcome and sometimes it is even harder to avoid things that we are used to eating/doing. What I like to tell myself is “out of sight of mind”. So, forget the sweet this year! Instead try stuffing your colorful plastic eggs with a variety of non-edible treats that the kids will still enjoy! You could try; change, erasers, stickers, tattoos, crayons, whistle, water balloons (fun!), small action figures, play dough, hair clips, lip gloss, seashells, polished rocks, etc. Who knows, maybe the kiddos will enjoy these toys more than the candy that they would have tried to gobble down in two seconds ?.


July 4th Menu Options

Caprese Kabobs

Turkey Bacon Deviled Eggs

Stuffed Pork Loin

Mojito Lime Turkey

Mashed Rutabaga

Au Gratin Broccoli Cauliflower

Sauteed Green Beans

What are your favorite Easter recipe? Please share in comments! 

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