How many times have we caught ourselves saying,  “oh I’ll just have one or two”? I know I have! I hear this from some of my friends a lot. The nice secretary always has a candy jar available and encouraged everyone to have a piece, well then one piece turns in to 2 and then 3 and then you’ve had like 10 pieces of candy!  Whooops! I have definitely done this, a LOT. So much that I can’t keep a candy jar at my house! It’s way to tempting! So we just don’t even have one lying around. So that I’m not stepping on diets toes I wanted to just show you how much activity it would take to burn off some of these office candies, that we shouldn’t be having in the first place!!! 


I found this article by Leta Sky off of  www.popsugar.com/fitness, called, “How long it takes to burn off your favorite fun-sized treat”. You can check it out below.


This blew my mind! I LOVE M&M’s and for a fun size it is 67 calories…..9 minutes of jumping jacks will burn this off! 9 MINUTES of Jumping Jacks?!?! Are you kidding!  I would rather just not eat them! I mean really 9 minutes…I can barely do 1 minute let alone 9!  And let’s remember this is in addition to your normal 30 minutes of exercise you should be getting 5 days a week. If that is the case then the candy doesn’t look so good after all! So the next time you think about eating the candy off the desk, you might look at this graph and see how much exercise you would need to do to burn it all off. 




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