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Probiotics After Bariatric Surgery

Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme Supplements to Keep You On Track

The body is an incredibly complex combination of cells, all working together to keep you as healthy as possible. What may surprise you, however, is that more than half of those cells are microorganisms known as bacteria. Although bacteria can often be the cause of infection, illness, or disease, we also have a variety of good bacteria living inside us to counteract the bad bacteria.

These are known as probiotics. While not naturally occurring in the body, we acquire both kinds of bacteria through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. In fact, we pick up our first traces of bacteria from our mothers as we enter the world.

The largest concentration of probiotics is found in the digestive system, mostly in the gut. This bacteria helps us digest the food we eat, protects the walls of our stomach from the bad bacteria we consume, and helps the body absorb vitamins and other nutrients. All of which play an even more important role after a bariatric procedure.

Probiotics Supplements at WeightWise

We get many of our probiotics from the food we eat, including yogurt, some cheeses, and some fermented foods like pickles. However, many of those foods may not be available to you, or in enough quantity, to get the probiotics you need to help the digestive process.

This is especially true for a duodenal switch, which can affect how your body absorbs the nutrients it needs. With probiotic supplements, you can help keep your body doing what it’s supposed to be doing. WeightWise offers a variety of probiotic products to help keep your good bacteria levels at normal levels.

We offer probiotic and digestive enzyme capsules as well as probiotic chewable for those who aren’t able to handle capsule forms of the supplement.

We also offer a vitamin/common probiotic bundle to simplify matters if you’re concerned about which supplements you need to keep your weight-loss goals on track.

Keeping your diet on track while still giving your body what it needs plays a huge role in reaching your weight-loss goals. You will meet with a dietitian before the surgery to discuss and review your diet plan for the days, weeks, months, and years after the procedure.

In addition to probiotics, we also offer a variety of protein supplements, vitamin supplements, and others to keep your body healthy. We also have a variety of protein drinks, savory snacks, and sweet treats to make it easy to keep your diet on track and keep your tummy satisfied between meals.

Please contact your dietitian if you have any vitamin or diet-related questions. We can assist you in learning about how probiotics work, the types of bacteria in your digestive tract, health benefits, side effects, if any, and more.

Our team can also talk to you about other dietary supplements, probiotic strains, relevant health conditions, the proper functioning of our immune systems, potential gas and bloating concerns, and more.

As always, we’re here to help!

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    Vitamin Bundle: Multi-vitamin & Probiotic

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