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Ostrim Sticks

When you think of bariatric procedures or weight-loss surgeries, you may think you’ve doomed yourself to eating nothing more than kale and the occasional smoothie. Nothing could be further from the truth! You can still eat “real” food, such as lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables. After all, your body still needs certain nutrients to keep the engine running.

Ostrim Sticks are a great example of how you can lose weight, keep it off, and still enjoy a healthy–yet satisfying–snack on occasion. And, yes, it’s real meat! Real, moist, great-tasting meat that you can eat on the go to help supplement your meals.

Ostrim Sticks are high in protein and deliciousness yet low in fat, carbs, and calories. Every snack contains 11.4-14 grams of protein, so you can give your body the protein it needs. They are also very low in sodium, so it checks many boxes for a healthy, bariatric-friendly snack.

Why is Protein so Important?

Protein is one of the building blocks for a strong, healthy body. It helps duplicate cells in the body and gives you energy for work and play. Protein also helps the immune system, helps the healing process, and fuels muscles to help before and after a workout. It’s needed whether you’re a professional athlete or just spending 30 minutes a day walking around the neighborhood.

Without protein, you will fatigue faster, take longer to come back from injury, and deal with other bothersome side effects. Protein deficiency can lead to weakness, brittle hair, dry skin, and even some memory loss in some cases. Ostrim Sticks are a great way to ensure your protein levels are where there need to be.

We offer three different kinds of Ostrim Sticks and we’re sure you’ll find a flavor you like. Our Ostrim Beef & Elk Snack Stick is flavored with habanero for an extra kick of flavor, the Ostrim Beef & Ostrich Snack Stick comes in natural, pepper, and teriyaki flavors, and the Ostrim Turkey Snack Stick has applewood and maple brown sugar flavors.

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