You’re a month or two out from your weight loss surgery. You’ve graduated from liquid and pureed foods. Now, it’s time return to “normal” eating. But that doesn’t mean going back to the way you ate before surgery. Whether you had gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or one of the other types of bariatric surgeries, you need to learn a new way of eating.

The dietitians at WeightWise are here to help you succeed with a post-bariatric diet. Besides their science-based advice, you’ll need a bunch of go-to recipes for healthy meals. After surgery, your reduced stomach size can handle only small portions. Each meal needs to be packed with nutrients. It’s a good idea if those meals are also fast to prepare. And, of course you’ll want them to taste good. Salads to the rescue!

Why You Need a Few Good Salad Recipes

The first rule of thumb in our Four Pillars of Weight Loss Success, is to limit carbs. Eating carbohydrates sets you on a path to hunger and puts the brakes on your fat-burning metabolism.

We tailor diet and exercise plans to each patient. But, our overarching philosophy for nutrition is the same for everyone. It applies to patients in our weight loss surgery and non-surgical metabolic program.

Taco salads offer a colorful addition to your plate and your taste buds.

If you’re used to eating carbs with abandon, cutting out starch takes getting used to. Nearly all of us have comfort foods, and for many, that means items laden with sugar and fat. But, you’ll find new favorites, ones that are even better than your old standbys.

We publish lots of recipes on our blog because we want to make it easy for you to find delicious foods that won’t break your diet. Eating the low-carb way doesn’t mean giving up tasty foods. The world is full of great-tasting veggies and meats that will satisfy and support your healthy lifestyle.

14 of Our Best Salad Recipes

With no further ado, here are 14 delicious salads that you can eat as a side or main dish. With these meals, your set for two weeks of dinners. You can mix up the ingredients, adding veggies in season or varying the meat.

Enjoy Asian flavor without the carbs and fat:

  1. Asian Lettuce Wraps and
  2. Naked Egg Rolls

Get ready to party with these flavorful and colorful dishes:

  1. Fiesta Chicken Salad
  2. Taco Salad
  3. Tomato Mozza Salad
  4. Jicama Black Bean Salad

Whip up a quick breakfast or lunch with these easy to prepare meals:

  1. Tofu Scramble
  2. Tuna Salad
  3. Chopped Chicken Salad
  4. Antipasto Salad

Classic flavors are reimagined without the excess carbs:

  1. Spaghetti Squash Salad
  2. BLT Salad
  3. Spinach, Chicken and Feta Salad
  4. Traditional Chicken Salad

Here are two dressings, because sometimes you want a basic salad with a familiar taste,

Cottage Cheese Salad Dressing

Protein Ranch Dip

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